Sunday, October 13, 2013

I'm back :-)

I haven't posted on this little old blog in over a year when I was knee deep in P90X, dating my now husband and had only been at my job a year.  Now I'm going on 2yrs and 4 months.  I'm married, a homeowner, getting into a new routine and cooking a lot actual meals using recipes, not just using the microwave. haha My hubby and I have decided to revisit P90X and work on getting our diets back on track.  I have done generally well...haven't gained tons of weight or lost all motivation or anything horrible.  It was just during the pre-wedding activities and settling into a married life routine, there have been a ton of changes that have had an impact on my workout schedule (basically non existent lately) and my eating habits....during all those changes there was a lot of eating out.  Luckily I am now cooking 85-90% of our meals and trying my best to make them healthy by doing little things like substituting turkey for red meat. 

The hubs and I went to Academy and purchased everything needed to do P90X in our garage making it #1 super convenient and #2 making it an investment we will not want to waste. Since we went to all that effort, we have decided to also only eat P90X recipes while doing the program.  I'm pretty excited.  As I said before, I haven't really gained weight...I've just lost that toned look in my tummy and thighs, so I want to to add definition and just get back to regularly working out. :-)

We're also planning for the future and hoping to start a family in not too long, so I want to make sure I am a super healthy mommy so our future children will be healthy too.  Exciting times!!  So I'm going to try (no promises) to document some of that journey here.  Hope you'll join me.  ~Kendra~ 

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