Monday, July 24, 2017

My Postpartum Weight Loss Journey: Week 4 Review

Happy Monday y'all!  This week was a little crazy, which honestly seems to be the new norm as a mommy & wife with a crazy, busy schedule.  Thankfully I feel like we've got a groove going, the hubs and I are pretty good planners and I'm working hard to go with the flow when plans change or get shifted around. So here's how the week went...

Starting Weight on 6/26/17174 

Weight on 7/2/17: 171

Weight on 7/9/17: 168.6

Weight on 7/16/17: 165.2

Weight on 7/23/17: 164.8

Pounds Lost This Week: .4lbs  (Not a big loss, but hey...I'm glad it's not a gain!!)

Overview of last week: (7/17/17-7/23/17) 

Monday-  Can't believe it's already Week 4!!  I definitely indulged a little too much this past weekend, so I'm ready to kick it back into high gear with my food and workouts. Stuck to the meal plan 100% today.  Beau and I finished off the day with an intense workout thanks to Body Beast: Chest and Tris.  

Tuesday-  Stuck to the meal plan 100% again....not sure I've mentioned it too much, but I'm following the P90X meal plan.  I really love how super simple it is!!  I tried the 21 Day Fix Meal Plan and while I loved the variety of options, I prefer having basically the same meals and snacks so the hubs and I can prep more in advance and not waste ingredients. 

Knock out another workout....P90X: Legs and Back was insane.  Seriously the sweatiest workout I think I have ever done.  By the end, I thought I was going to throw up, but I got it done, thank goodness!! 

Wednesday-  Another day of sticking to the meal plan...Yay!  The only thing I switched out was that I had an organic fruit snack instead of yogurt for an evening snack. No workout, because I have been battling a cold and the hubs and I were exhausted.  I was seriously in bed by 7:30pm. 

Thursday-  Woke up not feeling too great....this cold might be escalating, but I'm trying to will it away. lol Fingers crossed it does the trick. I chugged some OJ this morning, skipped my workout, again...I know, and was in bed early.  Gotta feel better and make sure the little one doesn't catch it....even though I kind of think I actually got it from him. 

Friday-  Woohoo!! Made it to the weekend, still feeling stuffy, but at least I can breathe without my chest hurting....progress. The hubs and I are switching our workout routine around and plan to kick things into high gear again on Sunday.  In the meantime, I'm trying to let my body rest, so I can feel 100% again.

Saturday- Stayed on track with my food by eating oatmeal, a bowl of fruit and egg whites at the Starwood Cafe when we went out for breakfast. We ran a bunch of errands and then had fish for lunch at home. Later in the evening, the hubs and I decided to indulge in our LAST time eating out till we go on vacation in early September...Y'all hold me accountable to that.  No eating out for a little over a month....I can totally do it!! Anyways, we went out for Mexican food and I was sure that I had gained from eating out 

Sunday-  Stayed on track 100%, no eating out...Yay!!  We also got in our 3rd workout of the week: Body Beast's Bulk Legs workout.  I think this is the hardest leg workout I have ever done.  Plus, add in the Texas summer heat.  Pretty sure I barely made it through, but I made it, whew!!  

Goals for Week 5:
-Get 5 workouts in this week 
-Loose 2 more pounds
-Only indulge in 1 cheat meal

This week was a little off with not feeling well for a few days and eating out a little more than normal, but I still managed to see a small loss, which is good.  Hoping to stay on track better this week and to FINALLY hit my 5 workout goal for the week.  I've got this (And YOU do too!!!). 

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