Monday, July 17, 2017

My Postpartum Weight Loss Journey: Week 3 Review

Goodness, this past week was an interesting one...Monday was pretty normal, but Tuesday I had Jury Duty and by the evening teething hit Eli HARD.  Crazy weeks like that can cause you to throw your plans to the wind.  While I definitely didn't get in as many workouts as I would have liked, I did manage to eat pretty well and still see some good results.  So here's a little breakdown of where I'm at:

Starting Weight on 6/26/17174 

Weight on 7/2/17: 171

Weight on 7/9/17: 168.6

Current Weight: 165.2

Pounds Lost This Week: 3.4 Pounds

Overview of last week: (7/10/17-7/16/17) 

Still tracking my weight loss in my FatSecret App and here's how it panned out last week: 

Monday-  It's the beginning of a new week and I'm stoked!  Today's our scheduled rest day so I'm planning to go to bed early and relax a bit. Our weekend was pretty packed, as usual, so a rest day is always nice!  

Well....I stayed on point with my food until we had a rough evening and decided to resort to UbberEats for some Mexican food.  They got our order wrong so we ended up eating cold Mexican food, but got a discount.  So not worth the cheat!!

Tuesday-  Today I have jury duty (fingers crossed I don't get picked). I brought my food with me so I should be good to go. Update: I didn't get picked, but I forgot to bring any utensils, so I ended up heading to Jason's Deli and got the salad bar and water for lunch so it was still pretty on track with the meal plan, Yay!  

When I picked up Eli from school things got interesting...I could tell my little one wasn't feeling that great, but I just thought he was tired. Then as the evening wore on he got cranky, refused to be put down or go to sleep and we pulled our first ever ALL-NIGHTER....whew, I was NOT built for those. HAHA While it was rough, it sure was nice to get nonstop cuddles and lots of quality time with him.  Obviously no workout happened tonight.

Wednesday-  By the time I was suppose to be up to start getting ready for work, Eli still refused to be put down and hadn't gotten much  solid sleep so I decided to keep him home and see how I could help soothe his little teething gums.  Around 11am, I gave him a warm bath with relaxing baby wash, lathered him up in relaxing lotion, put him in some cozy PJs and fed him a bottle.  

By 11:45am, he finally took a nap. I laid down too, but since he woke up to cry for a few minutes every 30 minutes I didn't get any sleep.  He kept up that cycle till around 4pm.  Then I got him up, fed him and cuddled and he went back in his crib around 7pm.  No workout again, because this mama was EXHAUSTED, but I did manage to score an ahhhmazing hour long bubble bath thanks to the encouragement of my sweet hubs. Oh and I stayed on track with my food, minus a small pack of gummy fruit snacks I had during my bath. I needed a treat after the teething craziness!

Thursday-  I almost didn't know what day it was this morning after the crazy week I've had thus far.  So thankful that Baby Eli was able to sleep so much yesterday and he seemed to be feeling much better this morning. Hopefully I'll be able to get in a workout after he goes to bed tonight.  Need to get moving again!

My foods been on point today thanks to Beau making my lunch and me prepping all the snacks for the week ahead on Sunday.  That seriously is such a HUGE help! 

Friday-  Today the hubs and I both have a 1/2 day at work, which means we get off at 11am and get to go have a lunch date just us two.  We decided on Mexican food and then watched the new Spiderman movie.  After our date, I went and picked up Eli early and we all went home to relax.  No workout tonight, but I stayed on track with my food, minus the lunch date. 

Saturday- Saturday is the day we always go out for breakfast, but for the last 3 weeks, despite eating out, I've made a healthy choice:  Oatmeal, egg whites and a cup of fruit.  Basically what I have everyday, except switching out my protein shake for egg whites. Stayed on track with my food all day, but since Eli decided to wake up for the day, I was exhausted.  After dinner, the hubs told me to take a nap before our workout and I accidentally slept till 9:30pm.....woke up and then went right back to sleep.  Opps!  (But my goodness, that rest felt good!)

Sunday-  We've started going to church Sunday mornings instead on Saturday nights to keep Eli's sleep schedule more consistent, so we were up early for that.  Stay on track with my meals all day till 3pm when the hubs and I realized we still had a Cheesecake Factory $25 giftcard that we'd never used and we were bored.  We loaded up and headed there....shopped around a bit and then had a yummy dinner and cheesecake.   We normally eat out twice a week (one cheat meal and then breakfast on Saturday), but this week we did three times.  Definitely won't make a habit of that!!! 

Here's my progress from pregnancy to now

Goals for Week 4:
-Get 5 workouts in this week 
-Loose 2 more pounds
-Only indulge in 1 cheat meal

So excited to see so much progress both in pictures and on the scale.  How's your progress?  Every little bit counts!!!  Let's chat all about it in the comments below!


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  2. I love how you stayed strong despite it being a challenging week. Definitely inspirational. (:

    1. Thanks so much girlie...I'm trying :-D

  3. Girl! You are killing it. I know some weeks are harder than others, but you are such an inspiration.