Monday, November 30, 2015

Rebag: Used to wear clothes, now you carry them!

If you've been following me on Facebook, then you probably already know my love of remixing and restyling old clothing items.  You CAN'T keep me out of a thrift store with a 50% off sale...I'm so there.  Saturdays afternoons and generally spent by my power shopping at all my local thrift shops.  Who's with me? :-)  (Don't be shy!)

Anyways, my love of recreating old things into new once again is totally feeding my love for this fun brand, Rebag.   I mean check out this adorable Rebag Bucket Bag:

What I love most about Rebag is that they believe "refashioning is not a compromise to current fashion but a transformation of it."  Isn't that awesome?!

So basically they take clothing and refashion it into adorable bags...LOVE it!!!  Now I want to pass the love on to you.  Check out Rebag and snag a GREAT deal at the same time using this sweet little  35% off discount code : REBAGNOW

You can also follow them on Twitter HERE or on Instagram HERE.

If you were to try out a Rebag, how would you style it?  I think I'd rock a floral bucket bag of theirs with an over sized gray tee, dark denim skinny jeans and fun, bold colored flats.  Maybe add on a dark blazer since it sure is getting chilly here in Texas!!

Share how you'd style your fav Rebag in the comments below.

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