Monday, November 23, 2015

My Fitness Progress with Beachbody, the 30 Day Reboot & MORE!!

Today I want to do a little recap of my journey over the last couple months and what I've learned along the way.  I hope this will encourage you to keep pushing forward towards your healthiest self.  The journey to health isn't always simple or easy, but with consistency, failures along the way and tenacity, you CAN  do it!!  ;-)

Let's rewind back to August of this year....

I felt fluffy, tired ALL the time, my bedtime had seriously become 6:30 or 7pm every night, because I was just that exhausted.  Plus, my allergies and asthma were at an all time high...constantly wheezing, sniffling and coughing up a storm. I broke down in tears on the phone with my mom, because I felt like I'd always be a burden and that my hubby would always have to take care of me, because I was constantly not feeling well.  

My hubby, the one who's always got a plan of action, encouraged me and said he was confident that we'd find a way for me to feel better.  Doctors could never find anything wrong besides a little vitamin D deficiency and me being borderline anemic. My amazing hubs helped me do some research & then we watched the movie "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead" on Netflix and that was a HUGE lightbulb moment for me.  My hubby was right there saying go for it, I think this would really help you.

So the next day (a Saturday) we went to Bed, Bath & Beyond & got a Breville juicer.  Then Sunday morning I went to the grocery store for supplies and hit the ground running.

I was plannning to just do a 5 day Reboot (juice cleanse), but I loved the results so much after just a few days that I decided to commit to 30 whole days of juicing.  Basically 5 meals of juice & 1 coconut water per day.  The experiencing was seriously life changing!!!  

Checkout the fitness progress I made during that month:

(Today was Sept 30th, 2015)

Aside from just the difference in pictures, my allergies and asthma are barely noticeable more constant sniffling or wheezing.  I can walk up stairs and do my workouts without getting too winded.  Overall, I feel like my health has done a complete 360 in a positive direction.  

I lost about 20lbs, cleansed my body and fueled my body with only fresh fruits and veggies. My progress in September really encouraged me to make this a lifestyle change and not just a 30 day thing....

In October, I kept the progress going by transitioning from juicing with the Reboot into a vegan way of healthy eating:

Back in August, my eating habits consisted of shakes, protein bars, chicken breasts and then crap for dinner like ChicFila, Taco Bell and Sonic.  I was sipping on sweet tea waaaay to much and it was showing. 

Now my go to drinks are fresh made lemonade or water. One of my fav breakfast options is PB, Cinnamon & Banana Oatmeal.  For dinner, instead of constantly eating out, I like to make random stir fry recipes without oil and veggie wraps with hummus.  For a treat, I enjoy yummy chips and salsa, lots of fruit or homemade banana ice cream. 

Since September, I've been pretty darn consistent with my workouts too...I finished the end of Brazil Butt Lift, completed Hip Hop Abs and now I'm almost 2/3 done with P90X3.  

What's kept me so motivated?  The way I feel...I feel soooo much better. It's worth the time and effort to continue to feel this good.  Better than I've ever felt.  I was always the sickly one...if someone in the office got sick, I was down for the count.  Even back to my middle school days when I got sick so much I got a warning from the school that I had almost missed too many days one year. 

Thankfully all that's changed and who would've thought, this big ole life change would start with a desire and a movie on Netflix? haha

Where are you at in your journey?  What are your goals for the next few months?  There's still time to end 2015 strong!!! ;-)


  1. I love your story and journey! You look amazing in your after photos (Abs on FLEEK)!!! Keep on inspiring us! you are doing great!

  2. Way to go! What an awesome transformation! I'm impressed with your dedication!

    1. Thanks Megan! It's not always easy, but it's sooo worth it to feel better. ;-)

  3. You look amazing. Love reading your progress updates! Hope we can catch a workout together soon.

    1. Aww thanks Mai Lyn!! And yes, I'd so love that ;-)