Friday, November 20, 2015

Dallas Fitness Ambassadors: ATHLETA Swag Bags & MORE

At the ATHLETA Anniversary party they treated us to more than just a fun event....we got AHHHmazing swag bags and $50 gift cards to use in store.

The brand's a little pricey compared to my normal thrift shopping ways, but the $50 giftcard made for a super fun shopping experience.  I found this adorable pink sports bra for $49.  BOOM-->> Didn't even have to pay any extra.  

The bra fits like a glove and has enough padding to provide great coverage.  It also has some awesome sweat proof technology that keeps it from getting stinky in between washes...LOVE that!!

The back of the bra is what totally sold me on it....the cut out & criss cross

As for the swag bags, we got TONS of free samples, a few protein bars, lotion, and then the jackpot-->> About a million free weeks or workouts at different gyms and studios in the area.  I can't wait to try out a few and it's all FREE!  

Stay posted, because I'll be sure to share a little review of all the studios and gyms I check out. ;-)

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