Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Body Beast & Intermittent Fasting

My hubby has been practicing intermittent fast since February and has lost 10lbs.  When we decided to start Body Beast, he encouraged me to give it a try too.  Now, I was not totally on board, but after I little convincing I decided to go for it.  I mean when the word fasting is used I instantly think hunger, feeling crappy and being drained of energy, BUT (so far) that has NOT been the case at all!

We’re officially on Day 5 of Body Beast and I’m on Day 3 of IF.  I am LOVING IF y’all!  Basically, we fast until 11am and eat between 11am and 7pm every day.  I thought skipping breakfast would be horrible, but honestly I’ve felt like I have way more energy, I’ve been more focused and I just feel good.  When it is our eating window, we’re eating according to the Body Beast meal plan, so I’m the lowest calorie level of 2,000.

I also want to share what my eating schedule looks like:

11am-Break my fast with yogurt & pineapple

Noon- Chicken, rice or sweet potato and mixed veggies

2pm- One Large Banana and a 1sp of sunflower seeds

3pm- Shakeology

Then the hubs and I go to the gym and get our Body Beats workout done.

6pm- Chicken, rice or sweet potato, mixed veggies and peas

After dinner I have a snack of 1/2cup of Greek yogurt, 1cup of apple sauce and 1.5tsp of nut butter
Honestly, I haven’t been able to get in ALL the food, because it’s just so much so I had like ½ a cup less veggies at dinner and skipped the after dinner Greek yogurt yesterday.  I felt completely satisfied and didn’t want that over-stuffed feeling.  I’m just seeing how I feel and adjusting along the way.

I can’t wait to share my progress with y’all along the way and see where I’m at in 90 days. 

BONUS- The hubs and I made a deal that if we finish this full program, he’s taking me on a mini-beach vaca this summer…..extra motivation right there!! ;-)  Let’s do this!!  


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