Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What Makes Me Weird??!!

I feel like opening up a bit more on this little 'ole blog....I want to share who I truly am with all of you!!  When thinking of how to get started with my possible over sharing, I thought about one of my favorite things....A LIST.  Yes, I'm that person that makes a list for EVERYTHING.  Yes, I may or may not make lists of things I need to make lists's a problem. haha  So on to the weirdness-->>  Today, I want to share a list of things that make me unqiuely me....things that make me my weird self. Let's be honest, being weird is fun....who wants to be plain and boring?!   #BeWeird  On to the list:

1. I am OBSESSED with my 2 puppies...not just a little, like A LOT.  My hubs and I have 2 pups, Zoey, an 8yr old Shihtzu and Noah, a Dorkie who's less than a yr old. 

2. I absolutely HATE doing the dishes, so my hubby does them, but I'm picky about where they go so I put them up once they're clean.  HAHA Hey, it works for us. ;-)

3. I LOVE listening to audio books and can seriously finish ONE in a day, but paper books will take me weeks. 

4. My best friend lives in PA and I live in Texas...we've only met one time in person, but we're kindred spirits thanks to being on the same team within Beachbody.  We have weekly video chats and I will even be in her wedding this November.  #ThanksBeachbody  #ItsLikeASorority
((Plus we're even hosting a BFF Health and Fitness Challenge Group soon....Yay!!))

5. I'm addicted to thrift shopping and clearance.  Buying clothes & accessories full price is no fun at all to me.  I seriously think that even if I were a millionare, I'd still make a beeline for the clearance rack in every store.  I just love the hunt!! hehe

6. My family is super unique.  My mom has multiple sclerosis & my brother has Downsyndrome.  It made for a pretty interesting thankful for them and how much they tought me about embracing who I am!!

(My little bro, nieces and my aunt are pictured with me here)

7. My husband and I have an online Bible reading ministry called Simple Ministry where we're reading the Bible in one year.  Want to join in?  Click HERE!!!   We'd love to have you as part of the group!

8. I probably take waaaay to many selfies, but hey, they're fun....right??!! 

So there's 8 things you may not have known about me before today.  Wanna see more of get connect with me elshwere, check these out:

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