Monday, February 2, 2015

P90 Update

So I started P90 in the middle of the week last week and I kept telling my hubby how much I like it, so he decided to join in too.  So I started over from the begining on Sunday (Hey, I was only a week or so in, so no biggie) haha. 
Anyways, so as of Sunday, we officially started our 90 day P90, we're also following the P90 Meal Plan.  I'm really excited about the meals. ((I'll be sharing all about the meal plan VERY soon, so check back.)) They are so yummy!!  Just have to remember to leave the peppers out of my hubbys meals....opps!  He hates those things.
So here's a little recap of the workouts I've done so far....

We're following the Sculpt Schedule, so we started off with Sculpt A.  I love how they always show a modified version and show how to use weights or bands.  I'm not a band fan, so I go for weights whenever it's an option! ;-)  I loved all the exercise and arms and legs sure do burn after that one!!!
We've also done Sweat A & Ab Ripper.  Sweat A is really fun, because it contains a ton of MMA style moves...punches, elbows and even a knee move.  My arms were seriously on FIRE after sweat....and THEN came Ab Ripper.  Gosh, I am soooo glad it's only 8 minutes, because that's the a pretty intense, tummy burning 8 minutes!!! lol 
With my back injuries last year, I hadn't done much ab work so this was a tough challenge, but I loved it and it also had modifications when I needed it....gotta love that!!

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