Monday, March 9, 2015

Belated Birthday Celebration Weekend

I went back to my hometown this weekend to spend time with my family and have a late Birthday celebration.  When I arrived, my dad suprised me with pretty pink roses. (Something he used to do a lot when I was growing up.)  I also got a little workout in before bed.

Since it was late after that, we just chatted and fell asleep in front of the tv.  Saturday morning, we got up and I knocked out another workout.
Then, we went out to breakfast and went to Amarillo to see my little brother play Special Olympics Basketball.
It was fun to see him play and spend a little more time with him. :-D After he finished, we all went to Home Depot to do a little shopping since my parents are rennovating their new home. Then my mom and I went out to lunch and did a TON of shopping. She got me the cute outfit I'm wearing today:
We seriously had the best time shopping we had in was different, because my mom who has MS wasn't using a walker or cane.  She got a motorized scooter and it was seriously amazing.  It was me who was trying to keep up with her.  Instead of being stressed about lugging a wheelchair or getting tired, we both just got to spend quality time together....laughing, shopping and being best friends.  She's amazing!!! :-D
She also blessed me with a beautiful, thoughtful gift.....a personalized music box filled with 365 positive affrimations and thoughts she came up with just for me.  WOW....I think this is one of the most precious gifts I've ever gotten.  I LOVE it!!
My parents also gave me this pretty tree art piece that my hubs and I have hung above the TV in our living room.  It was my NaNa's and I just love having it in our home.  It was the perfect fit for that blank wall.
Thanks for letting me share my weekend with all of you!  It was such a wonderful time....remember, be to pause and be thankful for your family.  Nobodys family is perfect, but God created your family just for you....He put you exactly where you need to be.  Isn't that an amazing thing??!!

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