Wednesday, June 28, 2017

My Postpartum Weight Loss Journey: Part 2

So last week....I had good intentions, did 2 workouts, kept my food decent most of the week, but quickly realized that somethings changed from my previous weight loss journey. I didn't have or feel that willingness to just stick to the plan regardless.  Previously I had an iron was easy for me to say no to junk and stick with healthy foods and to wake up extra early to workout.

I'm not using my little one as an excuse, this new routine just means I need to switch things up from what I may have done in the past...because, obviously, things have changed a lot!!  Here are a few things I've realized:

1. Accountability is needed! This is where my hubby comes in....we've decided to do P90X together: the workouts and the meal plan.  Last night, he cooked some chicken and fish to eat for the next few days and I prepped some veggies. Tonight I'm planning to separate oats into ziploc bags for each day and maybe do a little more food prep.  Doing as much as we can on Sundays though is the most helpful thing to ensure we stick with it.

2. Simplicity is KEY! I need a food plan that is super simple. I don't mind eating similar meals throughout the week. With a family, full time job and lots of activities, making it as easy to grab & go as possible is a HUGE help.

My meal plan is basically the following:

Breakfast: 1 cup of oatmeal, 1 banana, a protein shake and 1 cup of Mother's Milk Tea (The tea and oats are also great for my milk supply.)

Lunch: Chicken, 2 cups of spinach and 1 cup of other veggies (Today my other veggies were a mixture of peas & corn.)

Dinner: Fish, 1 serving of dairy and 1 cup of veggies (For my dairy, I'll probably put a little cheese on top of my fish.)

Snack: 1 protein bar and a 100 calorie pack of almonds (I'll be switching up my snacks sometimes, but the goal is to keep them at 300 calories total.)

3. Everything needs a scheduled time! My workouts are going to have to move to the evenings.  There's just no way I can wake up any earlier than I already do. (which is 3:30-4am each day) That means giving up Netflix for the most part, but hey...I'd rather be fit than all caught up on my shows. HAHA (But seriously!)

So now that I've took this past weekend to find out all that, hone in on what I want and need to do to get there, I've started it all this week. I'm still holding at 174lbs, but that won't be the case for long.  My meals are prepped, I have a very specific, simple plan and I am FINALLY going to stick to it.  ((Which I keep repeating to myself mentally as I'm stuck sitting next to a 'birthday girl' at work with a desk full of delicious cupcakes and can smell Chickfila from a few desks

Here's a little walk down the road thus far (from left to right) Pre-pregnancy, A few days for Elijah arrived and where I'm at now. I've got work to do, but I'm finally excited and ready to kick it into high gear.  Yay!!!

If you're getting started with your weight loss journey too, I'd love to connect in the comments and cheer each other on!!  Let me know what your plan is and the goal you're going for.  We've got this!!!

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