Monday, February 6, 2017

My Goodness, How A Year Can Change You

A little over a year ago, I said goodbye to this little piece of the internet to spread my wings and try something new.  2016 was a HUGE year...I started and closed my very own business, I tried new things, had about a million new experiences and completely evolved.  Going into 2016 I was the smallest size I'd ever been, felt confident in my own skin, had found my groove in marriage and was just loving life....

In February when my hubby and I had a joint birthday party, we announced that we wanted to expand our little family and have a baby.  Honestly, I thought it would take a long time, I wasn't sure we would follow through yet...there was a lot of unknown.  Thankfully God's always got a plan and as our marriage mantra says "Everything always works out" (To check out the verse than inspired our mantra, look at Romans 8:28).

Well, just about 5 months later I felt off so i got a pregnancy test and took it before my hubby got home...Then when it was positive I started running around the house like a mad woman and scrambled together a cute way to tell my hubby before he got home in about 30 minutes.  So I made this cute little sign with PicMonkey, printed it off.  When he got home, I made him close his eyes and then dropped the bomb:

After that moment, everything in my little world seemed to change...I honestly thought I would always be someone who felt a little weak, felt content and settled in, and was happy gliding along, which is in no way a bad thing.  I was happy, content and living life.  So as my bump grew, so did my desire to better myself, continue building up our relationship and long for the most for my precious baby.

So now I'm 8 month's pregnant and Elijah's arrival is right around the corner.  Where does that leave me?  Well...

Feeling stronger than ever (seriously thought I was a weakling and would be barely functioning at this point in my pregnancy), nesting like crazy (think home repairs, painting and more), feeling more connected to and in love with my husband than I ever thought possible and feeling much less self centered and more focused on how we're going to bring Elijah into the world and continue building our family while following God's plan.  Prayer and Bible study have become our new evening routine before bed and we've FINALLY found a church we love and feel called to serve in.  

2017 has so much in store that I can't bear to keep it to myself, which is why I'm here...I'm ready to get back into the blogging groove. I wanna share all these amazing times, the good stuff and bad, with y'all and I hope you'll come along for the ride. From following along with our home repairs, my new journey into motherhood and much more.  My goal is to start with 1 blogpost per week and take it from let's do this!

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